Know the Ideal Temperature for Cooking Meat ⏱

Know the Ideal Temperature for Cooking Meat ⏱

Nothing compares to having a tasty piece of meat at the perfect moment of cooking. The thickness, the cut, the temperature, the time, and the way of cooking are some of the elements that affect this point. Do you understand how to do it? You may discover a guide that will help you appreciate meat as much as possible below.

The Point of Cooking ⏰

The most crucial factor is always personal preference when it comes to eating meat. A chunk that is rare, pink, tender, and juicy is preferred by certain individuals. Some people opt for a well-done cut. Since serving a thick cut vs a thin cut is not the same, several factors must be taken into consideration to satisfy the pickiest diners. While the latter should be well-roasted, the former should be served medium rare. The roasting process will take longer as the meat becomes thicker. A cut deeper than 1 cm will probably cause the surface to burn before the inside is prepared.

The Terms 🍖

1° Blue: The meat has been lightly seared. It is cooked for about a minute on each side and served when the internal temperature reaches 54°C (129°F). It is crucial that it be at room temperature and feel soft to the touch before being grilled.

2° One-quarter: the interior is deep pink and the texture is still soft and juicy. It is cooked to an internal temperature of 57°C (135°F) for 2.5 minutes on each side.

° Thick cuts are best described as a Medium because the meat keeps its juices and remains pink within. Per side, allow for around 3.5 minutes of cooking.

4° Three-quarters: The flesh is still tender, but it is less juicy. As it turns brown, it becomes hard and wet to the touch. Cook for 5 minutes on each side, and serve when the internal temperature reaches 71°C (160°F).

A Well-cooked Meal at this time has no moisture left and a hard firmness. It has to be roasted for 6 minutes on each side, with an internal temperature of 74°C (165°F), before serving.

The Slices 🥩

A term is provided for each cut. To learn more, use this advice:

  1. Rib Eye: Blue - A quarter medium.
  2. New York Steak: Blue - A quarter medium.
  3. Skirt steak: Medium - Three quarters.
  4. Picanha or Picaña: Medium - Three Quarters.
  5. Haunch Tip: Medium - Three Quarters
  6. Trip Tip: Blue - One-quarter medium.

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