How to cook a delicious T Bone Steak 🦴

How to cook a delicious T Bone Steak 🦴

One of the pleasures that give us more joy is to taste special cuts such as the one that will be the subject of this publication. This is the T-Bone Steak, a special cut that has a T-shaped bone in the center.

This cut is very frequently found in English-speaking countries and is characterized by the fact that this T-shaped bone separates two different pieces of meat, one on each side of the bone: a sirloin steak and the other a sirloin entrecôte.

As both parts are noble parts of the veal, it is a very appreciated cut that today we are going to learn how to cook the T Bone Steak in the most traditional way, used both in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America.

How to cook a T Bone Steak

The T Bone Steak found in MeatTown is a delicious piece of meat, which makes it a special piece for those who appreciate quality meat, just like other special cuts we have already talked about such as Wagyu.

This piece of meat is usually cooked on the grill, either on a barbecue, on a grill suitable for our stoves, or on an electric grill. If you feel like it, you can marinate it with barbecue sauce before or at the same time as cooking, but the first few times, we recommend you try it without adding anything, to enjoy its flavor in its natural state.

  1. Remove the T Bone Steak from its vacuum packaging and let the meat rest for 1 hour before cooking, so that it is as if it were freshly cut.
  2. Heat the grill without adding oil until it is very hot.
  3. Brush the meat with extra virgin olive oil using a silicone brush.
  4. To cook the T Bone Steak to doneness, it will need to cook for four minutes on each side.
  5. If you prefer the meat to be rare, let it cook for only three minutes on each side. Before turning, the juices will come to the surface.
  6. Add a twist of freshly ground pepper and serve garnished with fries and salad greens.

Preparation tips:

  • Always let the meat come to room temperature before cooking and heat the grill for 5 minutes before putting the meat on top.
  • Do not add salt until you turn the meat.
  • Use good knives so you can enjoy every bite by cutting the meat without tearing it.

Now you know how to prepare a delicious T-Bone Steak to surprise your family and friends, now the only thing you need is to get the right cut of meat, but don't worry because MeatTown is here to save you by offering you the best high-quality meats. Click here to see our products.

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