Chef hints and techniques for perfecting meat meals! 🍖

Chef hints and techniques for perfecting meat meals! 🍖

This is a list of the greatest meat tips for enjoying it at its best, as well as chef tips for selecting the best meat for each recipe and learning how to recognize the freshest bits and slices. Everything you need to know about cooking great meat!

Although meat is overly abundant in the Mediterranean diet, and a healthy and balanced diet should not include more than five pieces of meat per week, it is nevertheless a popular item in traditional cuisine. And it is that there are few things more appetizing and pleasurable than a well-cooked piece of meat.

Select the appropriate cut

When choosing a piece of meat, be certain that the cut is proper. It must be sliced in the opposite direction of the fiber so that it is easy to chew and the texture does not interfere with the flavor. However, the cut of choice is dependent on the dish you want to cook; if you want to make grilled or grilled meat, you must select the sirloin section.

If you are planning to make stew, you must use slices from the animal's skirt, breast, or leg. Also, the point you want to make influences; for rare or medium-done meat, first-rate cuts, such as sirloin or tenderloin, are normally advised.

Examine the meat's look.

When purchasing a piece, make sure it has a decent ruby hue, fresh edges, and creamy white fat. In this situation, it will be a young animal with juicier flesh.

Meat should not be washed with water.

Some people wash their meat before cooking it, although health authorities advise against it. It may be dryer in terms of gastronomy. Furthermore, doing so will contaminate the sink and kitchen with germs that might cause poisoning.

The meat should be tempered

An experienced tip is to let the meat sit outdoors for an hour before cooking. As a result, the meat will be considerably juicier and will release less water during cooking. If you haven't had a chance to cool it down and put it on the fire right away, you'll have to give it a little longer cooking time. Otherwise, the inside will be chilly and unappealing.

Before cooking, prepare the meat.

Begin manipulating the item on a clean surface with a very sharp knife. Remove a little amount of the fat on the exterior and make a series of slices so that the fat does not damage the remainder of the product while cooking. To make the meat more tender, give it little blows so that the fibers break and it has a softer texture.

Cooking time should be respected.

If it is to be grilled or grilled, the tastes of the visitors must be considered. To make the beef "rarely done," cook it for 30 seconds on high heat to seal it, then another minute and a half on a little lower heat to complete cooking. If they want "to the point," the sealing time will be 30 seconds, but the cooking time will be roughly two and a half minutes. A well-done steak will require searing and cooking time of little more than 3 minutes. To produce a successful horse, you must constantly utilize high-quality virgin olive oil.

Take advantage of the spices

Spices are fantastic kitchen friends. There is nothing written about tastes, yet if utilized correctly, they enrich the recipes and give unlimited options. Curry, saffron, or oregano work well with the slimmer portions. The fatty components are combined with acidic elements such as sage, basil, parsley, or coriander. Black pepper enhances the flavor of stews and roasts. The grilled or grilled chunks are delicious with only a sprinkle of salt.

Choose a tasty side dish.

It is best to keep things simple and choose light dishes that complement the flavor of the piece, such as a delicious salad, steamed or grilled seasonal vegetables, potatoes, or other tubers.

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