Importance of Marinating Meat 🧂

Importance of Marinating Meat 🧂

The key to any roast or dish where the meat is the protagonist is that it be well seasoned, and this is achieved with the marinating technique. Marinating is a great ally to add more flavor to the meat and that after cooking it does not remain dry, but unfortunately it is a technique that many people do not use because of the time required for its preparation, but without a doubt the final result will be worth it, this technique will help you to intensify the flavor of your meats and leave them with an incredibly smooth texture.

Marinating is a technique that has been used for a long time, it started as a preservation technique and nowadays it is applied with the intention of flavoring all kinds of proteins such as beef, chicken and fish. So, if you are thinking of having a barbecue soon, this article will surely be the right one for you. Below, we will tell you what you should take into account so that your marinade turns out perfect and surprises everyone at home.


To marinate a meat you must first take into account that this technique must be done with raw meat, if your meat is frozen, you must thaw it before introducing it into your marinating mixture.

To achieve a perfect marinade that enhances the flavor of your meat, you must take into account the 4 essential components involved in this process: acids, oils, spices and salt.

1. ACID 🍋

When a marinade is made, it must have a liquid base mixture with an acid medium, among the elements that are usually used are: vinegar, red or white wines, beer, yogurt, vinegar and citrus fruits such as lime, lemon or orange.

These make the muscles of the meat weaken and become more tender, also increasing the capacity to retain liquid, allowing the rest of the elements that we add to provide more flavor to penetrate.


Oil is essential for marinating meat, as it creates a film around the food, protecting it from the invasion of unwanted microorganisms. The most commonly used in this process is extra virgin olive oil, not only because it provides its characteristic flavor, but also because it facilitates the aromatization process of the different condiments that are added to the marinade.


Aromatic ingredients such as herbs and spices are the protagonists when it comes to seasoning meat, they are responsible for providing aroma and flavor. You can use a great number of ingredients to perfume or flavor your meat such as pepper, parsley, mustard, garlic, ginger, bay leaf, cinnamon, among many others.

4. SALT 🧂

Salt is the basis of any marinade and any preparation in the kitchen, it not only helps to season the food with its own flavor, but also ensures that the meat can absorb the marinade. Salt ensures that the moisture from the marinade is absorbed into even the driest areas of the meat.


The approximate marinating times vary according to the type of cut and the size of the meat; this time will determine how much flavor the meat acquires and how its texture changes. Remember that the meat must be thawed; you will only waste time with frozen meat, since it will not absorb the marinade.

It is recommended to leave the meat submerged for a considerable time so that it absorbs the desired flavor, but do not exceed 24 hours, since your protein may be affected.


In MeatTown we tell you the 5 steps you must follow to achieve the perfect marinade and have as a final result an exquisite cut of meat.


As we have mentioned throughout the article, make sure the meat is thawed. Never marinate with the meat cut completely frozen.


This step is not mandatory, but some people prefer, before introducing the cut into the mixture, to subtly pierce the meat by making small cuts or holes with a fork. This will help the meat absorb the marinade easily and achieve better results, especially for tougher and thicker cuts.


To make sure the meat is evenly covered with the marinade, allowing maximum penetration on all sides, you can put it in a bowl, turning the cut several times and pressing a little on the meat.

Do not use metal containers, as the acid mixture can react with the metal, leave it in a plastic or glass container, or the easiest way is to use a zip-lock bag, this way you not only guarantee that your cut of meat is completely covered, but you also drastically reduce the amount of marinade needed.


As mentioned above, the purpose of the marinating time is for the meat to absorb all the flavors. This process, when carried out with raw meat, is an ingredient that is very susceptible to the proliferation of microorganisms, which is why some people recommend that this marinating time be carried out at low temperatures, introducing the marinade in the refrigerator.


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