Which meats are better for you?

Which meats are better for you?

Many times, when it comes to eating meat, we question which sort of meat is the healthiest out of all the options available. Veal, beef, hog, swine, chicken, and turkey all have various qualities, thus it's important to know which meats, and which sections or cuts within those meats, are the healthiest.

In any event, the first thing to mention is that each cut of meat has a certain purpose. If we want beef for stewing, some cuts will be preferred, while others will be preferred for grilling.

In general, leaner, less fatty slices are thought to be healthier, despite the fact that fatty cuts are the most prized in cooking for being more delicate, pleasant, and having organoleptic properties.

We may classify meats based on their fat content, with Iberian pork and white swine having the most fat, followed by the ox, lamb, pink veal, white veal, chicken, and turkey.

Veal and beef

Vitamins are more abundant in veal than in beef, especially B2. In addition, veal is the richest in phosphorus and iron. The leanest cuts are the sirloin or veal fillets and the fattiest, the chops or entrecote.

Pork meat

This meat, particularly Iberian pork, has more monounsaturated fat (good fat) than other meats. Furthermore, because practically all of the fat is under the skin, it is readily eliminated if you wish to lower your consumption. Pork has a lot of vitamin B1.

The leanest cuts are sirloin and loin tape, while the fattest are bacon and jowl, as well as Iberian pork cuts.

Finally, sausages, chistorra, black pudding, or chorizo, have more fat than cooked ham, cured ham, and cured loin, which is less fatty.

Another factor to consider while consuming sausages is their high salt level; therefore, if you are on a calorie-restricted or low-salt diet, you should avoid them.

The lamb

Suckling lamb is superior to leg lamb because it has a lower fat content, and within lamb, the shoulder is better than the leg for the same reasons. In general, it is a meat that has more fat than the others, yet owing to the cooking technique, which is nearly always in the oven, fat is not added during the cooking process.

The birds

Turkey and chicken are the lowest in calories and fat. Chicken breast has less fat than beef, lamb, or pork, especially if we take its meat without the skin, which we can easily remove to reduce fat intake.

Recommended meat consumption. The variety

It is advised to take four or five parts of meat each week, rotating between all sorts of meat, eating one or two times meat of birds like chicken and turkey, which are extremely lean and have minimal fat, and alternating with red meats and other meats like lamb or rabbit.

In addition to attaining a more diversified and balanced food, we will have many options for cooking, such as producing meat stews, grilled steaks, oven roasts, and other dishes to enjoy at the table.

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