The New York Steak - More Flavorful Cut

The New York Steak - More Flavorful Cut

The New York Steak is one of those cuts that, in recent times, has sparked rumors and whispers among meat lovers. And no wonder, because the New York Steak is one of those cuts that you have to try, no matter what.

The Tomahawk or the T-bone are special cuts that are becoming more familiar to us, and we can get an idea of the origin of their name when we see them, but where does the name of this steak come from? Why is it so famous? What makes this cut so special?

There are many questions, and we are going to answer them all in this article. We will tell you all about the New York Steak so that you can become a real expert.

Let's go with a bit of History

In 1850, the famous New York restaurant Delmonico's served one of what would become its star dish: the Delmonico Steak. A cut from the low back of the cow, it conquered the palates of the city and began to attract people from all over.

Given the great reputation of this restaurant in New York City, this cut became very popular and began to be known as New York (strip) Steak.

What part of the Cow is the New York Steak?

The New York chop is a cut that comes from the middle/lower part of the loin. It is not too large, which makes it very manageable in the kitchen.

The fact that it retains the bone allows it to undergo an optimal maturation process to maximize its properties, as well as to preserve its juices at the time of cooking.

What makes it so special?

New York Steak comes from a muscle of the animal that works very little: the longissimus. This makes the meat very tender in itself.

In addition, it has a lot of intramuscular fat, something that is easy to see just by looking at it.

At first glance, we already perceive those delicious fat veins, called "marbling" because they resemble the veins of marble. These small veins achieve one of the great wonders that characterize premium cuts: extra flavor and tenderness.

How to prepare New York Steak?

A wonderful thing about this cut is that, because of its smaller size, you don't have to wait for a large gathering. It is perfect, if you want to enjoy it alone on any given day of the week, as a whim.

But let's go with the cooking. With this chop, there is no need to complicate: the best thing to do is to grill it.

We take the piece out of the refrigerator at room temperature until it reaches approximately 20 degrees, before cooking so that it is tempered. Let it cook on each side for about 3 minutes so that it is cooked to perfection, which we recommend so that it does not dry out and lose all its charm. You can leave it longer if you prefer the meat done or overdone.

A good side of potatoes or roasted peppers and a red wine are the ideal complement to finish off what will be one of the great dishes of your life.

At MeatTown we work with the best cuts and we carry out all our processes in our own facilities managed by meat professionals to guarantee the maximum excellence and quality of each piece. All so that, once on your plate, all you have to do is savor.

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