Do you know how to differentiate the different parts of veal meat?

Do you know how to differentiate the different parts of veal meat?

All of us who enjoy eating meat, love to learn more about this ingredient and one of the subjects in which perhaps most of us are more lost in the subject of identifying the different parts of the veal, recognizing the pieces, and knowing for which recipes or culinary techniques they are more interesting. Today we will try to bring you closer and explain this information in a simple way.

The most interesting parts of veal that we are going to talk about are the following:

  • Sirloin steak for grilling
  • Morcillo and Rabo de ternera for stewing.
  • Entrecote for grilling
  • T-bone steak for grills and barbecues
  • The best veal fillets for frying, grilling, or breading.
  • Flank and rump for stewing
  • Pork shoulder, round, and rump for grilling

Sirloin steak

It is perhaps the noblest piece of veal, due to its tenderness and cleanliness. This cut, which you can find both in the whole piece and in medallions, is ideal for grilled or pan-fried recipes, in which you want to highlight the quality of the meat.

The morcillo (Blood sausage)

It is a juicy piece of veal, traditionally used in cooking to prepare "Madrid stew" or for stewing. It corresponds to the calf muscle of calves. It is ideal for stews and vegetable broths such as "Madrid stew", or for roasting or stewing in recipes such as "black pudding in onion" or morcilla with tomato. The morcilla meat is tender and gelatinous, so whatever you have leftover after cooking it, it will be excellent if you use it for tapas or toast, adding a little homemade fried tomato. In addition, the leftovers of the stewed shank are great for making croquettes.

Veal Tail

Veal oxtail is very gelatinous meat that we will use for stewing. The recipe of oxtail or braised veal tail is a simple and tasty recipe that should be made in a pressure cooker or over low heat for a long time to get meat that practically falls apart in every bite. Then you can learn how to bone the oxtail and store it in the form of ingots as we explain in the recipe.

The entrecote

This cut, located in the loin piece of the beef tenderloin, is ideal for grilling. It is a meat that is very juicy and full of flavor. To enjoy the entrecote we recommend taking it out at room temperature one hour before cooking it and to use a very hot pan or griddle so that it marks and browns the outside quickly.

Whether you choose the high loin or the low loin, the entrecote is a magnificent cut to make at home, in the pan or griddle, because of its magnificent level of fat. For the very greedy, there are pieces of 250 g, 330,g 400 g, and 500 g, which are great after being grilled for 4 minutes on each side to cook them to perfection. Try preparing them with an onion sauce and reduced meat stock, served on top.

T-bone steaks

They are the kings of grilled or barbecued. It is one of the most demanded products due to the quality of the meat. The cutlet (or chuletón) with its bone is a classic of the rotisseries, grills, and barbecues.

When you have the cut, let it temper for two hours outside the refrigerator, and then cook it slowly on both sides until the meat is well browned. Then fillet it against the grain into strips, and let everyone finish cooking the meat to the desired doneness.

The best veal steaks for frying, grilling, or breading

Veal steaks are one of the most appetizing dishes and the best eaten by adults and children. Whether you choose white or pink veal.

The meat of flank and hindquarter for stewing

The fin is a very interesting piece for stewing, which is normally used by opening and stuffing the whole piece of the fin. With it, we can make the classic stuffed flipper and other interesting recipes such as American pastrami. On the other hand, the rump is a very tender piece of veal with an ideal level of fat for stewing. That is why it is great to use this piece of veal in traditional stews such as ragout or vegetable stews like the one in the image. Besides, as we buy it already cut up, we only need to add the rest of the ingredients and prepare the stew in a quick and easy way.

With all these notions, surely now you have more clear which are the veal cuts that you have to buy to prepare the different dishes. You only need to get down to work and decide to surprise your family or friends with some of these parts of the veal.

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